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Pandion haliaetus

This migratory white hawk feeds almost exclusively on fish. The bird's special reversible hind toe and grippy pads on the bottom of its talons enable it to grasp its slippery prey. It carries the fish head first to reduce wind resistance. Ospreys are migratory and very rare in Washington in winter, returning in spring to build nests on platforms, often on man-made structures.

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Quilomene Wildlife Area

Columbia Plateau

A drive on the Old Vantage Highway through the Quilomene Wildlife Area will yield some sagebrush specialties, such as Sage Thrasher and Brewer's and Vesper Sparrow. The Sage Sparrow is already back on territory; listen for its song at several stops along the road. Haven't been there in a while? You may be startled by the amount of wind energy development.

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